Selfie Sticks for iPhone & Android
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Unmatched Quality Unrivaled Design

Only Solo Stick™ offers features that no other selfie stick can:

- Built-in shutter button
- Fits any size smartphone
- Single piece design, no assembly required!
- 40% more compact than other selfie sticks!
- Pocket size
- Strong, durable build that lasts
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The Selfie Stick That Does It All

We've all been there, stretching our arm as far as it goes to squeeze as much as we can in the picture. Well those days are history thanks to the Solo Stick™.

Revolutionary compact design makes it the perfect selfie companion to bring anywhere you go. Easily place it in your pocket or carry it in your purse!

When those selfie worthy moments arise, your Solo Stick™ will be by your side ready to jump into action. Simply pop your phone into the mount, extend it out and boom! The perfect selfie everytime!

The ultimate selfie stick is here! Start capturing memories that will wow the people you share them with. Shop now!

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